Susan Caldwell on Serving Up New Lifestyle Program ‘Lunchbox Heroes’

Susan Caldwell on Serving Up New Lifestyle Program ‘Lunchbox Heroes’

The current entertainment space for lifestyle programs that focus on wellness is evolving. More than ever before there is a need for shows that are filled with positivity and joyful ways to elevate everyday living. Susan Caldwell is stirring up the pot and serving up a perfect plate of a show with her new “Lunchbox Heroes.”

The executive producer and creator is an educator and a food entertainer who loves to serve up food from scratch along with what she calls “old-school” mama love.


“I had so much success with my culinary kids franchise business,” Caldwell expresses about her entrepreneurial venture of the Flour Power Cooking Studios franchise which she launched back in 2008 and then sold in 2022 for a hearty profit. “We were reconnecting and building all these memories built by food together that I know this is going to carry over to ‘Lunchbox Heroes.’ The connections I had and the wildest successes I had with that business shows these two things are hand in hand.”

Empowered with a vision drawn from passion, Caldwell is eager as a producer to share where this feeling comes from and the special memories it creates. “Cooking is an adventure where you become the hero,” the creator emphasizes.

The show is a way to unplug the microwave and change the way your family spends time together. Ditch the drive-through and find amazing things in your pantry to create delicious food that everyone will love and make you the star of the meal. Whether you are the kid of the parent, there is a special position for you on the pedestal of admiration as discovered in the program.

It is all part of a mission to help kids and families identify the story behind the food to help create a lifelong memory that is revealed in a plot line where Caldwell and her co-host Jatovi along with teens Holly, Roz, Harper travel on the road to find the next big place for a cooking adventure.

As described in the premise, this is not just a cooking show. It’s rather a celebration of the rich tapestry of food culture, tradition, and human connection. Each episode takes audiences on a captivating journey through the world of cuisine, blending the art of cooking with the magic of storytelling to create a feast for the senses.

Together she and her team go on grand adventures throughout America to transport viewers to exciting locations, farms, and cozy kitchens where the secrets of extraordinary memories are created. Each episode combines cooking with a teen crew that helps showcase storytelling by them as much as by culinary experts. A truly fresh perspective is boldly voiced in interviews to help create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience that both educates and entertains. Scenarios projected include episodes that focus on everything from campfire cooking to curated culinary moments such as baking a cake or highlighting ethnic cuisines from around the planet.

The opportunity for creative adventures is limitless and along with it Caldwell has established a grand opportunity for growth. Having a successful background in the culinary world and in business primes her as a perfect producer. What Caldwell possesses that gives her the power is perseverance. A mini media mogul who is popular and well-liked in the community for her dazzling dedication and elevated vision, she is a bubble of positivity that is simply irresistible and charming.

Her values also lay the groundwork for a perfect opportunity for ideal production values. The series has joined the Binge Network which has over a billion subscribers and a colossal stretch across multiple platforms.  Through licensing and distribution agreements they merge with some of the largest streaming platforms in the world including Apple TV+, Roku, Google Play, and Fire TV. With a capacity to reach a mass streamer audience on these media behemoths.

With opportunities within the program’s format to integrate branding and sponsorships such as cookware and cooking products, the endless ways to grow over time and multiple seasons is countless.

On top of this outstanding collaboration comes the additional industry exposure of Caldwell appearing monthly on “The Donna Drake” show as an expert speaker on southern food and culture. As a program correspondent the regions she shoots in will be featured on the popular program along with the “Lunchbox Heroes” branded sponsors.

The word superhero can mean many things. While it often conjures up an image of a person in a cape or invokes a vision of someone out of a comic book is common. But, in a world where there is so much hardship it is the moments when certain people can find a way to shine a light on the positive that the noun becomes much more meaningful. Superheroes really do exist on earth.

Embarking on a journey together, the lens follows as she guides us through the diverse and flavorful cuisine of the Southern United States. Sharing an inspirational message of hope through cooking and a healthy lifestyle continues to drive Caldwell in her work and with her family and extended families. Life for her is just getting better and her journey is still rising to new levels.

“I believe I am a motivator, a leader, and a positive influence in all regards of my life. And being able to tackle it all, she states as she also points out how to keep your head up no matter what hardships are facing you.

“Everything has its place and I think it goes back to that first message of being surrounded by positive people that can help you and motivate you,” Caldwell says about the fundamentals of what made her successful and want to always be the person that cares to help others through her work.

“You want to be that person that other people look up to you and draw strength from.”

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The Inspirational Entrepreneur – Derik Fay on Overcoming Adversity to Find Success

The Inspirational Entrepreneur – Derik Fay on Overcoming Adversity to Find Success

There are simply individuals in this world who know what it takes to find success. They walk on a path that leads to the right direction. No doubt, these types of people come along on their journey, over bumps and sharp turns like many on the same road, but what makes them different is that they physically and emotionally triumph over the hard patches. They move on with determination and grace.

Derik Fay is one of these people. He is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” with a career that has spanned over nearly three decades.

“I started my venture capital firm 3F Management in 2002,” he says. “During that time, I have built and sold over 30 companies, all of which I exited in the 7, 8, and 9 figure exit ranges. Simultaneously, I structure high level corporate roll ups, LBOs, corporate board re-structures, and perform Fortune 500 C-suite consults.”

Known as the “deal structure guy” in leading business circles around the planet, Fay has come to the leading authority position due to keen sensibilities and incredible work ethics.

“I see what others do not. This has allowed me to own, operate, invest, and consult on deals in nearly every industry.”

His unique vision is complimented by an attitude that reflects on optimism and prosperity. He is the first to share that his natural business talents have put him on the top, but they are skill sets that are teachable. As he enthusiastically declares, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

Having employed over 20,000 employees and managed over a billion dollars in revenues on an ongoing basis, his strategy provides what he describes a “learning curve” to his partnered brands that money cannot buy.  “I invest in the person over the project. If you are passionate, hungry, and have a vision, I want to invest in you.”

Fay is truly proud of his unique, out of the box, leverage based approach to all strategies.  “I make very complicated situations simple, so expeditious resolution, profitability, and progress is restored or created for all.”

Going on, he further explains, “We all experience almost the exact same thing and the difference between massive success and zero success, in my opinion, is not as big as most people think,” he says.  “I mean, and I love saying this because it’s true. If I can do it, if I can be where I am today, from where I started, I truly believe anybody can do it. And the bottom line is you just don’t know what you don’t know. And the things that seem most complicated once you find out like the mechanics of it, you realize I can do this too.”

Coming from an incredibly humble background, Fay never let his past and the days of yesteryear stop him from achieving his goals. He was raised in poverty and even dropped out of college, but he never thought of himself as a failure. “I simply ‘failed’ my way to the top,” he reflects.

“Because of where I come from, there was no other option than just trying to figure things out at a really, really young age. And that shaped the way that I think, which is, in my opinion, very different from most people. That really has built my career.”

His core values and inspirational attitude resonates throughout his firm and all portfolio partners appreciate what he has to offer. It is a thrilling success story from an endearing entrepreneur who never forgets that a true power player also believes in giving back.

There is a very fine line that comes with his position. Fay has a work ethic made of steel that makes him tough, but his heart is warm and full of joy and understanding. Not taking for granted all the hard work it took to get him on the pedestal he sits on today makes him a true philanthropist, which is the type of business leader we need in charge more than ever.  “I invest my own money, time, and resources into promising young entrepreneurs and companies to assist in their growth cycles,” he states.

Additionally, Fay’s incredible ethics stretch further with his core values and company mantra taking a meaningful distinction that resonates with a prominent distinction.  “I have and will continue to donate millions of dollars to hundreds of local charities in the communities in which our brands operate.”

Fay’s empowering success has been drawing media attention lately with a documentary in the works that follows his daily business activities. This includes such moments as when Fay was recently interviewed over four days of Radio Row during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas. It was there that he spoke on how athletes can transition their finances into investments and entrepreneurship ventures.

“I think there are two really important things. When you come from a place like I did and like many, lack money, or emotional support, or anything, it doesn’t have to be bad,” he unpacks in thought. “A lack in life creates, with some people, an unstoppable and relentless driving force. And so, it can go well for people, or it can go really poorly, because let’s be honest, with the lack of things or the bad that happens leaves marks on us forever and on our emotional psyche. For some people, they revisit that almost on a regular basis and it turns them into a victim, and it can paralyze them. But then there are people like me. And that’s why a big part of my message is that you can also look back on the horrible things and you can simply remind yourself of how strong you are and that can empower you to move forward.”

With words like these it is no wonder that Fay is a man who is admired for his aspirational attitude.  His mission to motivate and inspire the world with his passion makes him one of the best of his generation. For that, we applaud this brilliant changemaker.

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco – Defining Willpower with the Extraordinary Entrepreneur

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco – Defining Willpower with the Extraordinary Entrepreneur

When you search for famous quotes about success on Google, you are met with a plethora of perspectives that can be both inspiring and overwhelming. It’s like trying to piece together a massive puzzle with missing pieces, leaving many of us in search of deeper meaning beyond mere historical quotations. We crave a more enriched existence that resonates with the complexities of the modern world.

One individual who embodies this quest for deeper meaning and willpower is Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco. Through his unwavering dedication to helping others discover their own willpower, Ciorrocco aims to break free from complacency and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

As the founder of That1 Brand and Agency, a luminary entrepreneur, and a performance expert, Ciorrocco is the driving force behind the “What Are You Made Of?” podcast and the bestselling author of “Rocket Fuel – Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable.” He is renowned for his ability to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential.

Recognized by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020, Ciorrocco is on a mission to empower individuals to become unstoppable. His influence resonates with top entrepreneurs in America, as he shares his social worldviews in alignment with the greatest minds of our time.

Ciorrocco’s journey is both unique and profound, rooted in his early days in the real estate industry. Reflecting on his past experiences, he acknowledges the ups and downs that shaped his entrepreneurial path and led to pivotal moments of self-discovery.

Like many successful leaders, Ciorrocco emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and maintaining clarity amidst challenges. By aligning his actions with his values and standards, he navigated through adversity and emerged stronger and more resilient.

Central to Ciorrocco’s philosophy is the notion of identifying one’s true passion and leveraging inner strength to overcome obstacles. Recognizing and appreciating one’s willpower is essential to achieving personal growth and success, making Ciorrocco a respected figure and leading authority on confidence-building.

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

In his coaching and consulting endeavors, Ciorrocco prioritizes clarity and vision-setting as essential components of personal development. By helping individuals articulate their goals, overcome self-imposed limitations, and take actionable steps towards their vision, he instills confidence and momentum in his clients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ciorrocco remains committed to uplifting and inspiring others through his social media presence and podcast. His dedication to studying human behavior and fostering positivity reflects his genuine desire to see others thrive and succeed.

As an unstoppable force in the realm of entrepreneurship, Ciorrocco continues to champion willpower and resilience, paving the way for a brighter and more empowered future for all who follow his lead.

In the words of Ciorrocco himself, “I started in the real estate game twenty years ago. We had as many as seven branches at one time. We’ve had hundreds of employees come through over the years and we were doing good. That’s how I got started in entrepreneurship.”

Ciorrocco also emphasizes the importance of clarity, stating, “Clarity is so important to me. One of the things a mentor told me was that creating a great future for people is one of the most attractive things you can do in the coaching and consulting business.”

Furthermore, Ciorrocco shares his perspective on vision-setting, noting, “What I like to do when I first get on a call with someone is get them excited. I ask them what they’re focused on. And then from there once I get that information, then the next question I’ll go to is what’s the vision for the future.”

His unwavering commitment to helping others reach their full potential is encapsulated in his belief that, “I observe a lot of people. I’m always studying human behavior and watching people. When I see the good things in people, it consistently gives me hope. I only want to accelerate that passion. I only want the best for everyone.”

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Passion for Design – Inside the Fashion World with Shani Grosz

Passion for Design – Inside the Fashion World with Shani Grosz

The legendary poet and activist, Maya Angelou, once wrote, “Nothing succeeds like success. Get a little success, and then just get a little more.” These words that project the message of how triumphs come in waves of progress seems to perfectly sum up the illustrious career of Shani Grosz.

Words like this sing out like a perfectly composed anthem for the distinguished fashion designer who boasts an impressive resume sprinkled with over two decades of experience and titles that easily establish her as a leading authority in women’s wear. She is renowned for advancing the needs and wants of women when it comes to dresses that allow them to feel as fabulous as they look.


Shani Grosz

As her website brilliantly describes: “The Shani Collection is synonymous with flattering, flirty, feminine looks that do the heavy lifting through use of color blocking and tailoring tricks. These result in the perfect silhouette and shape, which is exactly what the multifaceted modern woman needs to take on the world. If confidence was a dress, it would no doubt be designed by Shani.”

Grosz’s admirable work has captured the meaning of success time and time again, certainly not from sheer luck, but rather determination, hard work and willpower. To meet her grants the privilege of being able to fully absorb her magnificent force.

She has blazed her own impressive trail – one that includes designer and stylist mixed with a little bit of networking pizzazz and empowering friendship synergy. Born and raised in New York City to South American parents, Grosz early on dreamed of working in fashion. As a child she would redesign new dresses and let her artistic skills evolve. She would rework them with nothing more than a vision and a pair of kitchen scissors.

The budding fashion designer grew in age and gained scholarly knowledge when she was admitted to the notable Parsons School of Design. It was on these hallowed grounds in the heart of Manhattan where she thrived. With hard work and a tenacious appetite, she established herself as an important and internationally recognized designer.  Her main collection is sold at Saks and Nordstrom with Focus by Shani available at Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th and Kohl’s.

Grosz’s work is the bold pop of color that is so needed in our modern world. News anchors, Broadway stars, television personalities and many in the entertainment industry flock to her atelier. The dream of a perfect dress for them comes true as easily as to her thousands of customers around the globe. Her company proudly proclaims, “We shape the women who shape your life.” It applies to the stars who wear her unique frocks who find themselves on the public pedestal, but it is the motto for the women in the real world who wear her gowns and dresses like a badge of honor.

To walk in a Shani is to be elevated in a world of empowerment and positivity.

As president and lead designer of the dazzling Shani Collection, she has won many prestigious awards for her well executed vision of “wearable art.” With logic and a deep fundamental understanding of what women truly love when it comes to fashion, Grosz’s designs reflect emotions of feeling free and comfortable in your skin.

Entering the pantheon among trailblazers, she simply bears the incredible chemistry that is full of fun, and perfectly permits her groundbreaking work to be beautifully different. The fresh approach has her crowned as queen and she proudly sits on that throne of women’s apparel in New York City and around the planet.

“It’s so much more than just designing pretty dresses,” she reflects about those who frequent her showroom for fittings before big appearances on television programs and red carpets.  “I am invested in their lives and cheering them on from the sidelines. I am also a friend…. I’m on the roller coaster ride with them – their highs, their lows. And we celebrate the successes together like friends do. Having this community really does mean a lot to me.”

As an innovator, the designer breaks the rules because she can. Leading the way in her own style is something she has done since her early days of dressing her childhood fantasies. She wanted her life to be something that really mattered to fashion lovers and made her search for deeper meaning.

“The truth is that I design to make women feel secure,” she says.  

Known for this vivacious energy and fearless appetite for inspirational hope, a gravitational pull led her to the next level with her current collection that officially launched during New York Fashion Week. During her “A Saltburn Midsummer Night’s Dream,” hundreds of guests gathered to celebrate and honor her endeavors. Mingling in the well-healed crowd were the likes of bronze medalist Olympic figure skater, Gracie Gold, along with singer Rhonda Ross. Even big-name media personalities were there including anchors and journalists George Whipple, Rita Cosby, Lisa Rozner, Audrey Puente, and Astra.

Courtesy Shani Grosz

On the runway, models were met with a theme of wonderland in the fashion realm. Luxurious velvets and whimsical patterns blended with fabulous florals at the dreamy affair.

On the Runway – By Jon Levi

Always creating and being innovative, she aims to always have amazing products for women. “As we evolve, the product has to evolve with it,” the designer states about the future. “Right now, we’re branching out. Next, I’m even launching a fine jewelry collection.”

On the Runway – By Jon Levi

The charismatic entrepreneur is only just beginning, and that next elevated level of success sits around the corner. It’s the bold dash of ingenuity and pop of sensational color that forever has her seeing the pot of gold at the end of the fashion world rainbow.

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Inside the World of Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado

Inside the World of Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado

When you meet Rich Salgado, you instantly think you understand why his nickname is “Big Daddy.” Standing at 6-foot-4 his physical presence is undeniable. He certainly stands out in a room full of people with a tall frame. Yet, to really understand the moniker you must spend a good New York minute speaking to him to get a true sensibility of who he is as a person. In that duration, the guest in his personal realm of joyful determination sinks into the listener. Embraced is his generous and kind disposition. His words directed at the immediate listener are full of compliments and good wishes. They are meaningful and he means it when he asks how you are and what we can do together to make your week even better. It is a glorified skill set that makes Salgado the King of Networking. Many people, of course, are great at developing personal relationships. Usually, they take place in one field or a singular industry. Yet, the legacy of this popular man stretches across bridges and barriers as he has successfully managed to be a part of a world of possibilities. The unity between sections of sports careers to business planning is what he does smoothly. He goes beyond what could be limited constraints in a bold way. His method that comes to him in the form of a gift he was born with makes him massive in the eye of the beholder. To know him is to understand that “Big Daddy” is not just some tall man in a room. He is a figure that stands like a mountain on the horizon. “I don’t limit myself to speaking to just certain people,” he says. “I speak to every person who comes up to me because you have to remember the same guys that start at the bottom are the same bunch that get to the top. Everybody has a role in life, and you have to respect that and when you do that, people remember that it’s funny how life works.” Salgado’s job titles are multiple. His business card titles include Chief Communications Officer at Gas It Up, which is a minority-owned mobile fueling company with locations in Texas and on the east coast, as well as CEO of Coastal Advisors, LLC Insurance Consultants. His two businesses are what he does as an entrepreneur and while it may not seem so unusual to work into sectors, Salgado stretches the positions across a multitude of connections that make him proudly standout as unique. The Long Island resident and former college football offensive lineman for the University of Maryland has become a globetrotter who never seems to rest. Glancing over his social media you will find images of him constantly on the go. He is at an NFL game in Washington state bundled up in layers of coats and gloves at a stadium then jets off to appear in Washington, D.C. at a black-tie gala. Normally, he is surrounded by a handful of celebrity friends and sports stars such as Tom Brady and Michael Strahan just to name a few. Even his own brother is a rather famous NFL coach. Immediately, the question arises how does he even know them? Well, a rich history of a life has led him to these positions in life which have made him a friendly face to celebrities at coveted events as much as a successful entrepreneur to those seeking his services. Clients include former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, Fox Sports analyst Reggie Bush, former NBA point guard Jeremy Lin, ESPN senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter, and actress Melissa Joan Hart. It is not to say that he has not had his fair share of hardships and sacrifices. Salgado has worked hard to be in the enlightened position that he stands in today. Every day he reflects on the mental determination and iron will that got him to the top. “I have survived a brain aneurysm, so I know what it means to be down and then to fight to come back,” he says about a life changing moment that shifted his mission in business to always be out to help those when least expected. His business Coastal Advisors is well-known in the sports world and his clients turn to him for advice and work intimately with them to help insure they and their families are always protected as a life insurer and financial advisor. For over three decades he has done this with pride and always with a smile on his face. People believe in him because of his honest attitude. His need to give good and fruitful advice has led to him even branching off into being a leading authority in media. He has made appearances on Fox Sports and radio for decades. And, now he is next set to take on the role of writer as he works on an autobiography of his illustrious life. Salgado also focuses much of his energy and precious time on philanthropic efforts. His generous nature led to him establishing the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic, an annual charity event that launched in 2010. The charity event has now partnered with the Sher organization, which is a women-founded group supporting gender equality and equity. Salgado also founded Big Daddy Youth Football Camp, which focuses on mentoring and speaking engagements for elementary and middle school-aged campers. “The one thing I always tell people – even young people – is that the reason that I have these relationships is because I always do what I say,” he says with enthusiasm.  “I don’t over promise, and I do not under deliver. I keep it real.” It’s this positive and honest attitude that keeps Salgado the name that you want to know. He is bigger than life and that is a fact that is simply meant to love. Salgado will next have the honor of receiving an official proclamation from Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman who will designate March 7 as Rich ‘Big Daddy’ Salgado Day. Then, The Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic returns on June 24 to continue the partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to raise funds for the organization. Anzhelika Steenolsenm, founder of the SHER organization and partner in the Celebrity Golf Classic for the past four years, will once again host the annual women’s luncheon. Here is to the changemakers of the world.