Inside the World of Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado

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When you meet Rich Salgado, you instantly think you understand why his nickname is “Big Daddy.” Standing at 6-foot-4 his physical presence is undeniable. He certainly stands out in a room full of people with a tall frame. Yet, to really understand the moniker you must spend a good New York minute speaking to him to get a true sensibility of who he is as a person. In that duration, the guest in his personal realm of joyful determination sinks into the listener. Embraced is his generous and kind disposition. His words directed at the immediate listener are full of compliments and good wishes. They are meaningful and he means it when he asks how you are and what we can do together to make your week even better. It is a glorified skill set that makes Salgado the King of Networking. Many people, of course, are great at developing personal relationships. Usually, they take place in one field or a singular industry. Yet, the legacy of this popular man stretches across bridges and barriers as he has successfully managed to be a part of a world of possibilities. The unity between sections of sports careers to business planning is what he does smoothly. He goes beyond what could be limited constraints in a bold way. His method that comes to him in the form of a gift he was born with makes him massive in the eye of the beholder. To know him is to understand that “Big Daddy” is not just some tall man in a room. He is a figure that stands like a mountain on the horizon. “I don’t limit myself to speaking to just certain people,” he says. “I speak to every person who comes up to me because you have to remember the same guys that start at the bottom are the same bunch that get to the top. Everybody has a role in life, and you have to respect that and when you do that, people remember that it’s funny how life works.” Salgado’s job titles are multiple. His business card titles include Chief Communications Officer at Gas It Up, which is a minority-owned mobile fueling company with locations in Texas and on the east coast, as well as CEO of Coastal Advisors, LLC Insurance Consultants. His two businesses are what he does as an entrepreneur and while it may not seem so unusual to work into sectors, Salgado stretches the positions across a multitude of connections that make him proudly standout as unique. The Long Island resident and former college football offensive lineman for the University of Maryland has become a globetrotter who never seems to rest. Glancing over his social media you will find images of him constantly on the go. He is at an NFL game in Washington state bundled up in layers of coats and gloves at a stadium then jets off to appear in Washington, D.C. at a black-tie gala. Normally, he is surrounded by a handful of celebrity friends and sports stars such as Tom Brady and Michael Strahan just to name a few. Even his own brother is a rather famous NFL coach. Immediately, the question arises how does he even know them? Well, a rich history of a life has led him to these positions in life which have made him a friendly face to celebrities at coveted events as much as a successful entrepreneur to those seeking his services. Clients include former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, Fox Sports analyst Reggie Bush, former NBA point guard Jeremy Lin, ESPN senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter, and actress Melissa Joan Hart. It is not to say that he has not had his fair share of hardships and sacrifices. Salgado has worked hard to be in the enlightened position that he stands in today. Every day he reflects on the mental determination and iron will that got him to the top. “I have survived a brain aneurysm, so I know what it means to be down and then to fight to come back,” he says about a life changing moment that shifted his mission in business to always be out to help those when least expected. His business Coastal Advisors is well-known in the sports world and his clients turn to him for advice and work intimately with them to help insure they and their families are always protected as a life insurer and financial advisor. For over three decades he has done this with pride and always with a smile on his face. People believe in him because of his honest attitude. His need to give good and fruitful advice has led to him even branching off into being a leading authority in media. He has made appearances on Fox Sports and radio for decades. And, now he is next set to take on the role of writer as he works on an autobiography of his illustrious life. Salgado also focuses much of his energy and precious time on philanthropic efforts. His generous nature led to him establishing the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic, an annual charity event that launched in 2010. The charity event has now partnered with the Sher organization, which is a women-founded group supporting gender equality and equity. Salgado also founded Big Daddy Youth Football Camp, which focuses on mentoring and speaking engagements for elementary and middle school-aged campers. “The one thing I always tell people – even young people – is that the reason that I have these relationships is because I always do what I say,” he says with enthusiasm.  “I don’t over promise, and I do not under deliver. I keep it real.” It’s this positive and honest attitude that keeps Salgado the name that you want to know. He is bigger than life and that is a fact that is simply meant to love. Salgado will next have the honor of receiving an official proclamation from Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman who will designate March 7 as Rich ‘Big Daddy’ Salgado Day. Then, The Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic returns on June 24 to continue the partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to raise funds for the organization. Anzhelika Steenolsenm, founder of the SHER organization and partner in the Celebrity Golf Classic for the past four years, will once again host the annual women’s luncheon. Here is to the changemakers of the world.