The Inspirational Entrepreneur – Derik Fay on Overcoming Adversity to Find Success

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There are simply individuals in this world who know what it takes to find success. They walk on a path that leads to the right direction. No doubt, these types of people come along on their journey, over bumps and sharp turns like many on the same road, but what makes them different is that they physically and emotionally triumph over the hard patches. They move on with determination and grace.

Derik Fay is one of these people. He is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” with a career that has spanned over nearly three decades.

“I started my venture capital firm 3F Management in 2002,” he says. “During that time, I have built and sold over 30 companies, all of which I exited in the 7, 8, and 9 figure exit ranges. Simultaneously, I structure high level corporate roll ups, LBOs, corporate board re-structures, and perform Fortune 500 C-suite consults.”

Known as the “deal structure guy” in leading business circles around the planet, Fay has come to the leading authority position due to keen sensibilities and incredible work ethics.

“I see what others do not. This has allowed me to own, operate, invest, and consult on deals in nearly every industry.”

His unique vision is complimented by an attitude that reflects on optimism and prosperity. He is the first to share that his natural business talents have put him on the top, but they are skill sets that are teachable. As he enthusiastically declares, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

Having employed over 20,000 employees and managed over a billion dollars in revenues on an ongoing basis, his strategy provides what he describes a “learning curve” to his partnered brands that money cannot buy.  “I invest in the person over the project. If you are passionate, hungry, and have a vision, I want to invest in you.”

Fay is truly proud of his unique, out of the box, leverage based approach to all strategies.  “I make very complicated situations simple, so expeditious resolution, profitability, and progress is restored or created for all.”

Going on, he further explains, “We all experience almost the exact same thing and the difference between massive success and zero success, in my opinion, is not as big as most people think,” he says.  “I mean, and I love saying this because it’s true. If I can do it, if I can be where I am today, from where I started, I truly believe anybody can do it. And the bottom line is you just don’t know what you don’t know. And the things that seem most complicated once you find out like the mechanics of it, you realize I can do this too.”

Coming from an incredibly humble background, Fay never let his past and the days of yesteryear stop him from achieving his goals. He was raised in poverty and even dropped out of college, but he never thought of himself as a failure. “I simply ‘failed’ my way to the top,” he reflects.

“Because of where I come from, there was no other option than just trying to figure things out at a really, really young age. And that shaped the way that I think, which is, in my opinion, very different from most people. That really has built my career.”

His core values and inspirational attitude resonates throughout his firm and all portfolio partners appreciate what he has to offer. It is a thrilling success story from an endearing entrepreneur who never forgets that a true power player also believes in giving back.

There is a very fine line that comes with his position. Fay has a work ethic made of steel that makes him tough, but his heart is warm and full of joy and understanding. Not taking for granted all the hard work it took to get him on the pedestal he sits on today makes him a true philanthropist, which is the type of business leader we need in charge more than ever.  “I invest my own money, time, and resources into promising young entrepreneurs and companies to assist in their growth cycles,” he states.

Additionally, Fay’s incredible ethics stretch further with his core values and company mantra taking a meaningful distinction that resonates with a prominent distinction.  “I have and will continue to donate millions of dollars to hundreds of local charities in the communities in which our brands operate.”

Fay’s empowering success has been drawing media attention lately with a documentary in the works that follows his daily business activities. This includes such moments as when Fay was recently interviewed over four days of Radio Row during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas. It was there that he spoke on how athletes can transition their finances into investments and entrepreneurship ventures.

“I think there are two really important things. When you come from a place like I did and like many, lack money, or emotional support, or anything, it doesn’t have to be bad,” he unpacks in thought. “A lack in life creates, with some people, an unstoppable and relentless driving force. And so, it can go well for people, or it can go really poorly, because let’s be honest, with the lack of things or the bad that happens leaves marks on us forever and on our emotional psyche. For some people, they revisit that almost on a regular basis and it turns them into a victim, and it can paralyze them. But then there are people like me. And that’s why a big part of my message is that you can also look back on the horrible things and you can simply remind yourself of how strong you are and that can empower you to move forward.”

With words like these it is no wonder that Fay is a man who is admired for his aspirational attitude.  His mission to motivate and inspire the world with his passion makes him one of the best of his generation. For that, we applaud this brilliant changemaker.