Susan Caldwell on Serving Up New Lifestyle Program ‘Lunchbox Heroes’

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The current entertainment space for lifestyle programs that focus on wellness is evolving. More than ever before there is a need for shows that are filled with positivity and joyful ways to elevate everyday living. Susan Caldwell is stirring up the pot and serving up a perfect plate of a show with her new “Lunchbox Heroes.”

The executive producer and creator is an educator and a food entertainer who loves to serve up food from scratch along with what she calls “old-school” mama love.


“I had so much success with my culinary kids franchise business,” Caldwell expresses about her entrepreneurial venture of the Flour Power Cooking Studios franchise which she launched back in 2008 and then sold in 2022 for a hearty profit. “We were reconnecting and building all these memories built by food together that I know this is going to carry over to ‘Lunchbox Heroes.’ The connections I had and the wildest successes I had with that business shows these two things are hand in hand.”

Empowered with a vision drawn from passion, Caldwell is eager as a producer to share where this feeling comes from and the special memories it creates. “Cooking is an adventure where you become the hero,” the creator emphasizes.

The show is a way to unplug the microwave and change the way your family spends time together. Ditch the drive-through and find amazing things in your pantry to create delicious food that everyone will love and make you the star of the meal. Whether you are the kid of the parent, there is a special position for you on the pedestal of admiration as discovered in the program.

It is all part of a mission to help kids and families identify the story behind the food to help create a lifelong memory that is revealed in a plot line where Caldwell and her co-host Jatovi along with teens Holly, Roz, Harper travel on the road to find the next big place for a cooking adventure.

As described in the premise, this is not just a cooking show. It’s rather a celebration of the rich tapestry of food culture, tradition, and human connection. Each episode takes audiences on a captivating journey through the world of cuisine, blending the art of cooking with the magic of storytelling to create a feast for the senses.

Together she and her team go on grand adventures throughout America to transport viewers to exciting locations, farms, and cozy kitchens where the secrets of extraordinary memories are created. Each episode combines cooking with a teen crew that helps showcase storytelling by them as much as by culinary experts. A truly fresh perspective is boldly voiced in interviews to help create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience that both educates and entertains. Scenarios projected include episodes that focus on everything from campfire cooking to curated culinary moments such as baking a cake or highlighting ethnic cuisines from around the planet.

The opportunity for creative adventures is limitless and along with it Caldwell has established a grand opportunity for growth. Having a successful background in the culinary world and in business primes her as a perfect producer. What Caldwell possesses that gives her the power is perseverance. A mini media mogul who is popular and well-liked in the community for her dazzling dedication and elevated vision, she is a bubble of positivity that is simply irresistible and charming.

Her values also lay the groundwork for a perfect opportunity for ideal production values. The series has joined the Binge Network which has over a billion subscribers and a colossal stretch across multiple platforms.  Through licensing and distribution agreements they merge with some of the largest streaming platforms in the world including Apple TV+, Roku, Google Play, and Fire TV. With a capacity to reach a mass streamer audience on these media behemoths.

With opportunities within the program’s format to integrate branding and sponsorships such as cookware and cooking products, the endless ways to grow over time and multiple seasons is countless.

On top of this outstanding collaboration comes the additional industry exposure of Caldwell appearing monthly on “The Donna Drake” show as an expert speaker on southern food and culture. As a program correspondent the regions she shoots in will be featured on the popular program along with the “Lunchbox Heroes” branded sponsors.

The word superhero can mean many things. While it often conjures up an image of a person in a cape or invokes a vision of someone out of a comic book is common. But, in a world where there is so much hardship it is the moments when certain people can find a way to shine a light on the positive that the noun becomes much more meaningful. Superheroes really do exist on earth.

Embarking on a journey together, the lens follows as she guides us through the diverse and flavorful cuisine of the Southern United States. Sharing an inspirational message of hope through cooking and a healthy lifestyle continues to drive Caldwell in her work and with her family and extended families. Life for her is just getting better and her journey is still rising to new levels.

“I believe I am a motivator, a leader, and a positive influence in all regards of my life. And being able to tackle it all, she states as she also points out how to keep your head up no matter what hardships are facing you.

“Everything has its place and I think it goes back to that first message of being surrounded by positive people that can help you and motivate you,” Caldwell says about the fundamentals of what made her successful and want to always be the person that cares to help others through her work.

“You want to be that person that other people look up to you and draw strength from.”

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