Publisher Renee Wagner Dazzles with Inspirational Media Platform

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Her visionary creation of ‘The Mag’ has showcased motivational stories from Toby Keith to Jill Zarin

Renee Wagner has always believed in the power of inspiration. It is why the mom of two also holds the title of visionary entrepreneur. As the publisher and creator of the prolific media platform THE MAG, she has elevated the way other women consume news.

Her dream to tell stories that matter began years ago when she first launched her brand from a singular idea. Wagner wanted to show that the most notable humans on the planet were not just pretty people or those in charge of massive corporations. She was out to prove that the real leaders of the world are those that fully embrace the power of giving.

As an entrepreneur she has turned a business model into a prosperous company that has revolutionized philanthropy by shining a light on those that give as much as those that receive. Her seasonal magazine and video production company takes on subject matters that spotlight charitable work and dedicated days to help. Through both pages and episodes, the audience relates to a community that is passionate about being the best version of themselves. Individuals from all walks of life make a profound difference through their own talents and even challenges as shown in each highlighted story throughout the year.

The brand is a visually stunning luxury lifestyle platform which aims to inspire through a glossy print publication along with the renowned The Magazine Lifestyle TV Network. From star-studded covers to articles and interviews with profound figures, Wagner demonstrates that she can use her voice to be a guide for the changemakers of the world. Her magazine alone has featured exclusive covers and features with country music legend Toby Keith, actress Tiffany Haddish, television star Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers, singer Idina Menzel, Real Housewives of New York City’s Jill Zarin and Luann de Lesseps to sports stars like MLB’s Johnny Damon and NFL player Donovan McNabb.

The Mag delves into their careers that made them as it pays tribute to their charitable endeavors. The publication along with video content attracts audiences who also want to consume the latest news on the biggest fundraisers and social events around America. From charity-driven galas in the Hamptons to the winning circle of The Kentucky Derby and to the popular Celebration Exotic Car Festival, Wagner is on the cutting edge of taking readers and watchers on exciting journeys across the country. Foundations benefit from her message as she spreads goodwill and fundraising with such groups as Make-A-Wish, The Toby Keith Foundation and OK Kids Korral, the Bobby Zarin Memorial Fund, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith’s Janie’s Fund.

“It’s been a long process to get to this status and the work perpetually continues. My ambitious vision is not one that comes to the forefront with ease, and I am okay with that,” Wagner reflects “But when you are a woman that has learned to keep going and going despite the odds you just sort of do the impossible.”

The vision only continues to flourish. Wagner most recently produced a star-studded benefit concert in Florida. On November 4, The Mag in partnership with OCC Roadhouse hosted the First Annual Veterans Tribute in Clearwater, Florida. Thousands of attendees from around the globe attended the star-studded music festival and awards ceremony that was filmed by Discovery Channel. In the hallowed halls of OCC Roadhouse Museum, television personality and philanthropist Paul Teutul Sr. was honored with a lifetime achievement award.

Grammy-nominated musician Jimmie Allen headlined an epic performance with special appearances by former active-duty Green Beret and NFL legend for the Seattle Seahawks, Nate Boyer. The remarkable evening began with a celebrity red carpet with national media followed by a night of music. Additionally, the event was a special showcase benefiting Operation Healing Heroes.

“As I gear up for my next chapter focusing on groundbreaking entrepreneurs and trailblazing philanthropists in America, I am inspired by all these prolific individuals,” she says. “We will raise money and have a good time. We are fortunate enough to also have so many incredible celebrities who are coming together for one magical night to honor our American heroes.”

For all her incredible success over the years, the media mogul never forgets her own inspiration – her family. Coming from humble beginnings in a small city south of Boston, Wagner was the youngest of six children to a single mother. Her childhood was far from easy, but she knew she was destined for more.  In adulthood with the driving force of her husband behind her, Renee knew she wanted to leave a legacy for her children and realized how valuable her time was as well as how important it was to help shape the future.

“My two gorgeous children and my dutiful, grand husband motivate me to be a changemaker through my work. My 11-year-old-daughter and my 9-year-old son bring me so much joy and, in many ways, have created my current success. If it was not for the glorious loyalty of my family I would not be where I am today.”

The courage to change the world through the better as an entrepreneur resonates deeply with her family as much as it does with the people who are lucky to work with her. But when asked about her career she will quickly tell you that she feels like the one that is blessed the most.

“Being an advocate for yourself, your family, and those around you makes you proud. I am using my voice and doing it with no fear.  I fight for a brighter future for all. I am so very, very fortunate that I can be myself and at the same time find a way to empower all those that believe in me. I have as much faith in them and in humanity. Together and in unity we can change the world for the better.”

Embrace these formidable thoughts and make your own glory is the advice this featured Boston Business Women’s visionary will always proclaim. Here is to those who put peace, harmony, and prosperity above all else.